Will Graham, Special Investigator with the FBI.
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Shadows Suspended On Dust
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I have honestly gotten myself so upset to the point I just became physically ill. I hate last night and I hate today so much.

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Too many negative emotions and stuff surrounding this account. I’ll be in my happy place on Marcus and outside for the day. Don’t think replies will happen over here the rest of the day but I’ll still be reblogging stuff. Sorry.

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43/∞black overcoat (3)

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"Are you afraid of me now?"

"I’m not really sure if I am or not. I think my mind is still trying to catch up with the information so I don’t know how I feel."


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Can we just talk about Hugh in this coat?

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    Ana wasn’t surprised to see him, she’d expected it after the way she’d left him earlier. Though his answer was a bit startling, she didn’t say anything at first. Some part of her was still contemplating whether or not to compel the information out of his mind for his own safety but was reluctant to do so without his permission.

    The girls needed to forget but she’d leave that choice for him to make if he wanted. In that instance it was a necessary evil but for the most part she disliked using compulsion; viewing it as a violation of someone’s mind. It all depended on the situation really. Of course now she’d have to answer questions he’d have which would give him far more information than she’d ever wanted him to know but one thing at a time.

    “Guns won’t do much against my kind anyway unless they’re wooden bullets.” Normal vampires anyway, wooden ones didn’t have much affect on her either due to being a hybrid. Opening the door wider for him, she inclined her head to invite him inside. “I did what I told you I would which was take care of the problem. I still need to talk to the girls but he won’t be a problem any longer.”

     He probably wouldn’t like that she needed to speak to them but it was unavoidable. Maybe she could convince him to call her if there was ever another case like this; it was something to suggest at least. “I promise you’re safe from me Will so if you’d like to come in you can.” She wasn’t a threat to him, nor had she ever been.

The idea of Ana speaking to the girls was indeed not one that Will liked. What did she need to talk to the girls for? There was nothing for her to know, or so it felt that way to Will. Ana had already killed the one behind the kidnappings and murders, her job was done as far as he was concerned.

His eyes darted between Ana and the inside of the house. After contemplating what he would do for several moments, he finally stepped into the house. No, she had helped him, somehow that was enough to convince him she wouldn’t turn around and harm him. Even with her true nature, it didn’t mean she was a monster.

"I assume you know that I have plenty of questions on my mind about all of this. About vampires and…everything." Everything being if plenty of other supernatural creatures existed as well. If all those stories were actually true, ways to kill them (just as a precaution) and the like. Will wanted to know as much as he could.

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       ”Of course. People’s privacy needs to be protected.”

  [  With that comment, he gave William a bit of a smile before he began to walk quietly over to one of the chairs and with the same grace, sat down in it. ]

       ”But there are few people that think that because they have a right to privacy, they can do whatever they like. However they end up trapped in the maze of their own design, thinking that they can climb out- but that’s not how the game works. And they seldom forget that.”


      [  Will followed suit to the doctor sitting down, taking a seat in the opposite chair. ]

      “Yes they do. And sometimes they don’t even have anything to hide, they just like to waste our time and resources instead of cooperating and making things easier. Some people don’t seem to care about that, even when people are getting killed.”

      [  One would think that murder would appeal to one’s humanity, but not always. Some just liked to see the FBI run around like it was some sort of game for them to play to entertain them for a short time. That warrant couldn’t come soon enough. ]

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Spit it out




"I killed your father."

    Abigail thought a moment then nodded. ❝I was thinking about it. I could use a fresh start, one where my father didn’t kill any of the students at. But I don’t know where to go.❞ Her lip was worried for a moment before she looked up at him again. ❝Will it always follow me around?❞


   There was a long pause as Will thought carefully about his answer. As long as the news continued to put focus on the Minnesota Shrike case it would follow her but luckily that wouldn’t be forever.

   ”For awhile,” he admitted. “But not forever, people will forget eventually and they’ll stop thinking about you as the Shrike’s daughter. They’ll look at you for who you are. I don’t think you should put your life on hold until that happens though.”

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Hannibal - Season 2 Episode 8 : Su-Zakana

I love how you can see all the pain in Will’s face, as if he’s determined to right the wrongs done to him by Hannibal through helping him and his injustices. Acting.

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